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By His Wounds We Are Healed

We have made this mini-retreat as easy to follow as possible. 

The talks are numbered, beginning with our Intro Video that explains the format of the retreat. 

In between the talks, we recommend that you use the link to our Spotify playlist to reflect on what spoke to you. 

Feel free to journal as you go along and send us feedback using the form on our "About" page. 

We would love to hear from you!

Start Here and Select the Play Button

Talk #1 with Rachelle: Uncovering the Wounds

Talk #2 with Alex: Entering Into Treatment

To enjoy some Praise & Worship in between sessions, click on the link to listen to our Podcast At The Well Playlist on Spotify

Click here to check out the Podcast At The Well's Retreat Playlist

Special Feature: The ladies of Steadfast Worship singing

a cover of Hillsong Worship's Say The Word

Talk #3 with Erica: The Glory of Healed Wounds

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